What is canine hydrotherapy?

For some dogs swimming is simply for fun or fitness but for others its more of a serious matter, Therapeutic rather than recreational

Hydrotherapy here at Aquapaws is so much more than “just swimming” we use our clinicley enriched environment to offer calm effective therapy tailored to the dogs’ specific needs.

By using specifically designed treatment techniques within the pool either dynamically in the water or statically by working on the pods we aim to achieve maximum benefits for your dog on land.

The temperature of the water and the buoyancy helps us achieve things in water that would not be possible on land, the exercise is non- invasive and perfect for any dog.

Below are just a few of the common conditions that are often referred for hydrotherapy;

  • Lameness

  • Increased pain

  • Reduced fitness

  • Post fracture repair

  • Hip or elbow dysplaysia

  • Osteoarthritis

  • Cruciate ligament injuries

  • Spinal or degenerative conditions

However, your dog doesn’t have to suffering to enjoy the benefits, It’s also great for…….

  • Overall cardiovascular fitness

  • Behavioural and mental stimulation

  • Introduction into water

  • Increasing muscle tone and stamina

  • Relaxation after strenuous exercise

Aquapaws also runs a weight loss clinic, specifically designed to help your dog shed those unwanted pounds. Losing weight too quickly can be detrimental to your dog therefore we aim to regulate exercise and lose weight safely and effectively to aid better mobility, fitness and function.

All clients prior to attending the first appointment will be required to fill in a “client detail” form and a “veterinary referral” form.

This is standard practice to ensure your vet is happy for your dog to attend hydrotherapy. It is there job to outline within the form any relevant detail that will be of interest to the therapist such as areas of concern, or specific injuries. This will enable us to provide your dog with the best package of care.

You can download the forms here or feel free to contact us to get the forms sent out to you in the post.

We can even contact the vet on your behalf if you wish us to do so.

All forms must be completed prior to 1st session.


The initial appointment can take around 60 minutes:

The initial appointment is around 60 minutes long and is a part land base session to introduce ourselves to your dog and let the dog familiarise itself within the surroundings we also:

  • discuss goals, issues and devise a treatment plan
  • check and sign off relevant forms
  • full assessment of the dog
  • pool introduction

Sessions thereafter are around 30 minutes long

Price List       

Initial hydrotherapy assessment session (60 mins) £35.00

Hydrotherapy sessions thereafter (30 mins) £25.00

Double dog owners £40.00

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