Why choose Aquapaws Barnsley?

Canine centred and owner focused clinical services.

Aquapaws believes that your dog deserves the best treatment available and we are committed to making a real difference, using Hydrotherapy, physiotherapy and various treatment techniques delivered by fully trained professionals.

We aim to build a strong, trusting bond with your dog to ensure it works with us in a calm and focused way to deliver a specifically designed treatment plan to suit your dogs needs.

We offer a various range of treatment techniques to include:

  • Body balance conditioning

  • Movement shaping

  • Canine core stability

  • Proprioceptive work

  • Soft tissue & joint mobilisation

  • Motor sequencing & patterning

We re-assess every session using various outcome measures and record our findings to ensure that the designed treatment plan that is in place remains effective.

Treatment goals are discussed and planned together and worked towards at every session these can range from:

  • Effective pain management

  • Maintaining or increasing cardiovascular fitness

  • Weight loss

  • Improving reduced function, stiffness & muscle weakness

  • Regaining or maintaining core stability, proprioceptive function & joint function

Amongst many others.

Hydrotherapy is now fully recognised and often recommended by veterinary surgeons as part of their prescribed treatment plan

The staff at Aquapaws are fully trained in every aspect of canine hydrotherapy and first aid and are registered and regulated by professional governing bodies. This is why there will only ever be a “fully trained therapist” in the water at any one time with your dog. Your dogs safety is paramount to us.

Because your dog deserves the best

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