Teaching your dog basic commands is essential for building trust, a working partnership, and discipline.

And one of the most effective ways to make progress with dog training is by using tasty treats that our dogs can’t resist.

Our pets learn more when their behaviour is positively reinforced by us. By giving treats and appraisals to dogs when they carry out a task, we’re able to link command with reward.

When training our companions, it’s important to stay consistent as we associate good behaviour (commands) with reward (tasty treats). This way, your pet will much more likely be incentivised to carry out commands.

To make the most out of your training sessions, it’s also a good idea to use small treats. Not only will your puppy concentrate more on the task at hand – they’ll be looking to earn the next one in your hand!

You and your pet can achieve amazing things together – all it takes is a little patience and tasty rewards.

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