For many of us out there, we were lucky enough to spend our childhood and youth with pets we adored.

Though magical, it also meant a lot of the responsibilities – such as vet care, insurance, and medication – were left to our parents/guardians.

Of course, we learnt a lot along the way. But it’s only in our adulthood when we truly bear full responsibility for our gorgeous pets.

Whilst over 8.5 million people in the UK own a pet dog, there are many who have never owned a pet dog in their whole lifetime.

Deciding to own a dog for the first time is an amazing journey that will teach you many things about caring for animals.

And you’ll also have to get to grips with all things logistical, administrative, and medical.

We’ve got a brilliant infographic for you today if you’re on the road to choosing your first pet dog.

Take a look at this in-depth infographic by Time for Paws for some help and guidance along the way.